One of these things is not like the other one

Todays class was all about the similarities (and differences) between coaching, supervision and counselling.  We were split into groups and each given a different words. Ours was ‘counselling’. As a group we then discussed our understanding of the term, and using our pre existing ideas, some books and good ol’ Google we quickly found more key words, ideas and definitions.



  •  A talking therapy which relies on confidence, training and empathy to help someone overcome thoughts or feelings that cause pain or distress. 

We then heard from each of the other groups in turn, taking the time as a class to discuss in more detail some of the ideas that had been written.



  • When someone requires training or development to help them achieve a specific goal or personal outcome. The coach then utilises their training to help the individual (or group) achieve this outcome, acting as a motivator.                                                                       



  • A supervisor is someone who oversees the work or development of another, often helping to direct the processes they engage in 




  • A mentor is someone who has had to deal with a specific experience, and are therefore able to offer their advice and assistance to mentees going through the same or similar situations. It is a relationship based on support and the knowledge is transmitted between both parties, each of whom are actively learning while engaged in the mentoring process. In this form of relationship communication is vital.

After we had discussed these ideas as a group we were asked to each draw a picture one after another within our groups about how we felt about the process of peer mentoring so far.


Now usually two of us would go and collect our mentees while the others would wait in the computer room for them. Today, Sandra asked us to instead send only two people to the computer room (your friend and humble narrator being one of them) while the majority went to collect the mentees. We were then to answer any questions or talk with them while en route, or where ever they happened to be. I will have to wait till next week to see how well that worked out. As for me, we ended up having around 5 or 6 mentees turn up, all of which stayed until the end of the hour. They all seemed relatively happy to crack on with their induvidual projects alone. I guess this could be reflected in the fact they arrived to the room unaccompanied when the aim of the other mentees was to answer any questions while on the way. Time will tell. 


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