You see a mouse trap, I see free cheese and a challenge

Welcome along! This week in Peer Mentoring in Practice we began the lecture by discussing challenging situations. We got into our groups and were asked to discuss amongst ourselves a common problem we had faced or been asked by our mentees.

We each had various ideas, though the general consensus was that “Do I have to stay for this peer mentoring session” was the question we were most often asked during the initial week or two by our mentees. We then wrote down some possible solutions. 





We then swapped our question with one from another group. There question was “not sure there is enough time to study; how will I fit it all in!?” We then took some time to come up with possible answers to that question, each drawing from our own experience of the previous year. Finally, we looked at the 3rd groups question – “I haven’t written an essay in ages and am anxious about putting pen to paper” – and at the other groups responses, discussing which we preferred and why.

After this we were given some suggestions on what to discuss during our sessions. The mentees were being told about their research proposals and would (hopefully?) be full of questions! 


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