Do’s & Don’ts discussed

Hi hi hi there! 

So, we started this weeks session with one of my most hated of tasks. Ice breakers. This time, we had to stand in a circle, and then introduce ourselves by name AND with a dance movement or gesture. ABSOLUTE.FUCKING.CRINGE! I always feel so self conscious doing this sort of thing. If you are struggling to get a mental image, have a look below. 

Sort of like that. But worse. I guess the activity does have its merits. I was confident that I could contribute anything to the class at this point without feeling as stupid as I did during that circle. 

After this we as a classed discussed the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of peer mentoring. We were given different scenarios and asked if they were things that we should be expected to deal with or if they were issues that would need someone else’s attention.

At this point we were all asked to sign an agreement of standards we would maintain, split into 3 groups, and each given a list of what mentees would be in each group. We had a brief discussion about what we would do in our groups, and then two people went to collect the mentees while the rest of us went to our peer mentoring group room on the 8th floor of the main tower. 

We had quite a good turn out of students. I was expecting less than what we had. We briefly introduced ourselves but I guess in the excitement or rush to get going we didn’t really do much of a icebreaker activity. No doubt we will make amends for that next week. We spread ourselves around the room and used this opportunity as a chance to get to know the mentees one-on-one by talking to them about their experiences and feelings so far, and by trying to answer any burning questions they had. I am excited to see exactly what next week has in store for them and us!



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