Through the looking glass

So here we are, our second year at university already! After what felt like the longest, most tumultuous summer of my life it is finally time to get back into it, and I couldn’t be happier.

Unfortunately we don’t have the becoming educational module (my personal favourite) this year – HOWEVER, thanks to the module “Peer Mentoring in Practice’ we will get the chance to be participant observers with first year students taking part in the Becoming module. You might remember me mentioning the Peer mentors in some of last years blog posts. Well this year we are through the looking glass!

We began this weeks lecture with an introduction from Sandra about what the aims of the module are and what we will be doing as a group. We discussed that – amongst other things – peer mentoring is about support, guidance, confidence and experience. Also, in the wise words of my good friend Chrispen, “To be a shoulder to cry on”. The fact that we have not only been in the position of our mentees, but that we are still students may make us a little more approachable.

We were then given our first ice breaker activity. We had to stand in line from tallest to shortest, then partner with our counterpart. We were then given post it notes with questions from first year students and discussed possible answers/solutions to their questions. We then had to pick chose from a pile of random photos and pictures which we felt defined our peer mentoring experiences so far, and then we engaged in a 5 minute free write session about the piece of writing we most enjoyed or were proud of.

We ended the session by going over how the module would be graded and what work would be on the horizon, as well as being told that next year we would be meeting our first year mentees. While we are aiming to help with our Peer Mentoring responsibilities it is important to remember that it will be a two way street, and we will be learning as much from our participation with them as they do. I personally cannot wait. 


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