Unlearn what you have learned, you must…

During today’s class we began by writing 5 things that we wanted to get out of our Becoming lessons.


Next, we had to explain how we would know when we have them. 


And finally…


Some of my class mates offered out the following things that they wanted to get out of becoming:

  • To become more adept at online learning
  • To engage in more dialogue and suffer less monologue.
  • To become the person I want to be (LOVED this one)
  • Improve critical thinking skills
  • Improve academic terminology
  • Improve teamwork and research skills

WHY do we do this? Well, because if you don’t occasionally take a step back to reflect on what you have learnt, does it really mean anything? 

Next Sandra spoke to us about dialogic, engagement and the teacher/learner exchange. We discussed how it is important to reflect on what we have learnt so that we can be responsible for taking our learning further – after all, if you can’t take control of your own learning, how can we be expected to teach others? 

Following on from that we discussed some of the following 14 general principles for improving higher learning. My favourite? 


Last – but certainly not least – we discussed Virtual Learning Environments (or VLE for short). At the London Met we use weblearn, which is just awful. Its clunky, awkward, ugly and confusing. It doesn’t seem like it is designed for students, as much as it is for lecturers to post course related information so they aren’t accountable if something important hasn’t been done. In small groups we were asked to start designing something a little more user friendly. Of course, that means taking some time to actual work out WHO are users are, and secondly, WHAT it is exactly that they want from a VLE. More on that next week….


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