Analogue people in a digital world

So here we are; week 12 and the end of term. We started today by being given a little time to make any finishing touches to our posters and to prepare our digital artefacts to present to the class. I signed into powtoons with the intention of emailing the link for our group video, only to find that the website hadn’t saved the file correctly and it would no longer play.


12 weeks into our first term and to be honest, I almost made my excuses and left, but then I realised that not only did I owe it to my group to stay and make the most of what we had, but I owed it to myself. I wanted to finish the term the same way I had started, which was full of energy and motivation. My old man always used to say “that nothing worth having was easy” and that “if you were in for a penny then you’re in for pound“.


Fast forward by 15 frantic minutes and I had thrown together a new video which contained the key elements of our earlier one.  While I wasn’t happy with it, I was contented (a massively underrated feeling btw) and ready to email it off to be shown to the class. We watched each video and presentation in turn, and as per usual I was amazed with the creativity, diversity and delivery of each digital artefact. We also took the time to view each groups accompanying poster and to leave some positive comments for each one. Seeing the peer mentors in action, giving feedback and the benefit of their experience was a great help too!

peer mentor discussion.jpeg

To have a gander at some of the posters and digital artefacts, click HERE!

Finally we ended by eating as much chocolate (kindly provided by Tom & Sandra) as we could, and then with the following little speech by Tom.


And on that note, I am off to eat and drink as much as humanly possible. See you all in 2016!



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