What’s my perspective?

Hullo one and all!

Today we began with Sandra giving us talk about our Digital showcase and poster exhibition (both due next week!)

She discussed how our poster exhibition should show research and innovative practice, and how in keeping with the core theme of creativity we should make the posters mostly images rather than text. The posters are meant to explain our engagement in developing our ‘digital me’, and to show WHAT we did, WHY we did it, HOW we did it, and WHAT we gained from the process. We also discussed how we should avoid clichés and  stereotypes in the development of our posters, and that the images we chose should be concious decisions that aptly explain the choices we made, as well as reflecting upon why we made them. Finally we discussed perspective within our work and how we should be looking at everything we do through  a reflective lens; asking ourselves how we are reflecting on what we are doing and who we are pitching our ideas to.


I spent the remainder of the lesson with Moobz, Pash and Mag brainstorming ideas for our poster and cutting and pasting images from magazines (with a little help from the Peer Mentors)… Come back next week to have a look at how the exhibition goes…


3 thoughts on “What’s my perspective?

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    This week – we started with a quick look at the WHAT, WHY, HOW of the Poster Exhibition and digital Showcase that is coming next week… Then everybody segued neatly into producing their Posters and/or completing their Digital Me.

    We’re not producing a blog this week:
    1: Dan’s already produced this excellent blog!!

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    See you Wednesday!!


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