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SO, after last weeks class I went home ready and raring to write my research proposal. I want to tell you that I smashed it out that evening, finishing it within a few hours. Unfortunately that would be a lie… In actual fact I spent the next few days procrastinating massively. In the end it took a looming deadline and the following (weird) video to inspire me to get it done, and the evening before it was due no less!

And what lessons did I  learn from this?

  • Pressure may turn coal into diamonds, but it turns me into an absolute mess.
  • Shia LeBeouf may be a genius, or smoking crack. The jury is still out on that one. 

If you want to give my research proposal a read then feel free to click here…

This week a chap from the 2nd (or possibly 3rd?) year called Dom came along to our lesson and started the class by introducing us to the ‘Zig Zag’ method of writing, which tied up nicely with last weeks free writing exercises, AND gave us another qualitative research method to tuck under our belts! The idea was that a member of the class would start telling a story and then point to someone else, who would continue the tale… Our zig zag story was a little mental – check it out yourself below…

 “There once lived Lucy in Madrid and she was 25 years old and was studying Sociology and she hated it so she drank Sangria.  One night she got very drunk and she called her boyfriend from the other side of the world but unfortunately he didn’t answer. She didn’t know what to do at that moment so she began to play Adele song (Hello). While she cried, she took time to compose herself and then she woke up from this terrible dream where she found her boyfriend decapitated, with a bloody knife in her hand. 

Then David Beckham walked in his boxers looked at the dead body and walked out again and she decided to follow him, and she questioned him what they did last night.  Then David Beckham grabbed the knife and stabbed her so she got the phone and call the police.  The Police comes rushing down and David Beckham said it is a fair cop it I can’t tell a lie, and pointed at Lucy she did it.The police officer brutally murdered Lucy. The End!”

Clearly the product of some disturbed minds (myself included), but it got us all being creative and working on a narrative together as a group, and isn’t that the whole point?  The story in itself is nonsense, but it is the product of a group of people with differing ideologies, cultures and economic backgrounds to each other all collaborating together. Ultimately it may be a frivolous story, but it’s one  that is loaded with data about those who participate.

So the main theme of this weeks class was our Digital Me project. Using video, Powtoon, Zeega, etc. we have been asked in small groups to produce a digital artefact. In week 12 we will have to showcase our Digital artefacts, along with posters explaining and reflecting on the ‘how, what and why‘ behind our processes in creating the artefact.

Time for me, Mags, Moobz and Passion to get busy I guess…



3 thoughts on “‘Digital Me’

  1. LOVE the video!! Will use it in my teaching as soon as I can!!
    I also really liked the way you put the link to your Research Proposal – inviting people to look at it and potentially comment – and join the dialogic… and it is one heck of a good proposal, too!
    Well done that man!


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