Research Proposal Pugcrastination…

Sorry this one is a little late, it has been a massively busy two weeks. We started off this lesson by going over some terms from the previous weeks…

Pedagogy – the science of education

Androgogy – adult education

Heutagogy – educating the self

After this we were asked to get out two pieces of paper and use one of them to free write our thoughts on a particular topic. We were asked to write without stopping, but that if we did we had to write why we stopped (regardless of the reason) on the other bit of paper. I guess we did this for two reasons:

  • It was helpful to have a list of things I found to be a distraction while trying to write.
  • It was interesting to see how much raw information I could write when I wasn’t worrying about the grammar or layout.

After this we were split into two groups. The first was a peer review for those people who had basically finished their research proposal. The second (which contained your friend and humble narrator) was for those who were having issues writing their proposal or hadn’t yet committed anything to paper. Guilty on both accounts. In my defence, I DID manage to draw quite a cute pug though…


This lesson was pretty invaluable as it made me realise that I can’t afford to be so critical with what I have written  at the expense of not writing anything at all. Time to head home, pull my finger out and get cracking with this research proposal I guess…


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