Heutagogy? Bless you!

Another day, another dialogue…

This week we began, as always, with our regular recap of what we had discussed in previous lessons, specifically the new terms we had learnt. Check out my dictionary page if that sort of thing floats your boat…

Since monologues and dialogues were part of our recap (and so fresh in our mind) Tom explained how monologues are by their very nature exclusionary practices, and that they promote an instant deficit when it comes to group learning. At the other end of the spectrum dialogues are much more inclusive, drawing in peoples thoughts and ideas and ultimately making group learning a more enriching process. The fact that this was probably Toms longest monologue of the day was an irony that wasn’t lost on me. I don’t think it was lost on Sandra either, as this was the moment she decided to jump in and change topic to…


Paragraphs. That’s right. Paragraphs. Sounds shit, right? Well all things considered it was actually super informative. After years away from education I am learning to admit that I am a bit rusty when it comes to the basics, so here they are…

  • What’s this paragraph about? Introduce the subject.
  • What exactly IS that? Details. Explain. Clarify.
  • What is your argument? Say something.
  • What’s the evidence and what does it mean? Refer to and discuss someone’s argument
  • So what? Summarise with a point that refers back to the research proposal question.

“If it isn’t concious, it isn’t learning. It’s training at best…”

Following on from this Tom scattered photos all around the class. He said he put them out of arms length to promote us into actually choosing one we felt was appropriate, rather than just taking what was at hand. We had to choose a photo that best represented our best or worst experience at university, describe the image and then explain why we had chosen it and what it meant.

I chose the astronaut picture because the image made me think of someone having an overview, and seeing the big picture. It reminded me of the day that everything finally fell into place and I stopped panicking about Uni and that I wouldn’t know what was going on. We were then asked to sit in groups of 3, and while 2 discussed what they had written, the 3rd took the role of participant observer (Triadic reflection). This was a good excuse to practice image mediated dialogue, a resource I may use for my research project (more on that next week). Talking about research methods, we ended the lesson by discussing some of the options available to us.

Time to get cracking with my research proposal then I reckon…





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