“Not all who wander are lost”

5 weeks in already? That came around quickly! While we don’t have any timetabled classes this week (YAY for study week) we do however have some projects we need to do, including the multi modal exploration of the university that I talked about briefly last week. With that in mind (and a couple of cameras in hand) I set off for Holloway to meet the rest of the group.

Firstly we sat down for a drink and to go over exactly what we had to do, how we were going to do it and why. The ‘Campfires in cyberspace’ link Tom sent us last week was a good start in this process. It made us consider some of the more informal ways people can learn within a formal setting. We also kept in mind that we were to be “Participant observers” and not only document what we had found, but interact with people as well in an attempt to really get a feel for the situation, and to find out exactly what and why people learnt.


We began by walking around the corridors and classrooms, trying to film the same places when they were quiet and busy to get a sense of how people can change the feel of a place. We also tried to capture glimpses of  classroom based learning (formal), as well as people playing games and being social in different parts of the building (informal), including the rocket, the student hub, the student union and the library. Now I am back home and it is time to sift through all the videos and separate the wheat from the chaff, before tomorrows massively painstaking task of editing it all into something worthwhile.

Wish me luck.


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