Stoking the digital flames

So there I was, enjoying my Monday evening (and my last few hours of freedom before Tuesdays lectures) when – lo and behold – I receive not one but TWO emails from Tom. Attached are  3 lots of suggested reading material. One of them was about PAL (Peer assisted learning) and the development and apparent success of VPAL (Virtual peer assisted learning, such as Facebook groups for students). The article really made me see the benefit of using social media as a group learning tool in a much broader sense than my own personal (and limited) experience.

Fast forward to Wednesday and our weekly recap. This week Tom and Sandra were talking about a multi modal project we will be doing next week, and asked us who had commented on the class blog to say which multi modal technique they would like to use. Of course, your friend and humble narrator was apparently the only one to have read and commented. Cue awkward social embarrassment as I am made to explain the gist of their post to the class. #QuietlyDyingInside

For our multi modal project we have to explore the university and present our findings in week 7 in an engaging way. I have decided to use video and music, as it is a medium I have a personal interest in. Tom and Sandra said they wanted us “to explore formal and informal learning, and how where and why people learn”. Suddenly, the second link Tom had sent us (Campfires in Cyberspace: Primordial Metaphors for Learning in the 21st Century) began to make more sense. Having read the article, I suddenly felt a lot more confident of what was expected of us.


After that we were asked to create a collage that represented our thoughts and feelings about the first 3 weeks on University. I guess this was to help our ‘hands on’ creativity and prepare us for the possibility of using collages in future work, including our research project (more on that next time). After that we had to write a brief summary about our collage, and what these first 3 weeks had meant to us. Next we discussed our coursework, summarising what we had to do, the dates we were expected to hand things in by and what percentage they were worth. Nothing particularly new here, but it is always helpful to have something reiterated, so as to be sure you’re on the same page.

Finally we split into groups of 6 and were asked to read an article (the third and final link we were sent) and asked as a group to select key points in the text, then in our own time produce a key word summary, alongside collages, patterns, and notes which we would have to present to the group in week 6. With that in mind, I had best pull my finger out and get cracking.


6 thoughts on “Stoking the digital flames

  1. Okay #quietlydyinginside – so what were your reflections on the first three and a bit weeks of university? And did producing the collage and then the free write actually help you to surface them?


    • Simply put feeling old, and then not so old. At first a little lonely and now surrounded by friends and friends yet to be made. Also feeling baffled the first week but by now feeling like I have a real understanding of what’s going on. The free write helped, but not as much as the collage itself. I found my reluctance to stick any of thing down really showed me what it was that I was looking for

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