A brave new world…

When we arrived this morning we found our tables had been organised into little islands and covered with paper, chalk, magazines, scissors and glue. A sign of team work/cut and paste activities to come!

We began the lesson with a recap of what we had discussed previously. After last weeks surprise recap I came prepared, having read over my notes and re-familiarising myself with what we had discussed. Didn’t get asked any questions though. Sods law.

After that we jumped straight back into our bunker activity from the last lesson. In today’s scenario we were now emerging from the bunker and trying to decide how our world would look immediately after, 5, and then 10 years later. Our group were given the time frame of 10 years later and asked to consider:

  • How we would rebuild the world?
  • What world we would build?
  • How we would ensure our community had homes, good health and food?
  • How we will run our world?


As our group were based 10 years after emerging from the bunker, we worked on the basis that as a community we already had the essentials worked out, such as farming and accommodation. We decided firstly to do away with our antiquated political system and to have a policy of true representation in which every member of the community gets a say, and that decisions are made by majority vote. We felt it was super important that the children had a say as they would have a unique perspective on things, having not yet been indoctrinated with the social norms that the older generation of survivors took for granted.

I never thought I would look to the bible for wisdom, but it’s true; money IS the root of all evil.  With that in mind we decided to do away with it altogether. Our community would rely on every member having a purpose, and providing something towards the community on the basis that those who contributed would be looked after. I suppose you could compare it to communism (minus the mass genocide). Everyone in our community would share an equal social status and joint ownership of goods and materials.

As for education, we felt it was beneficial for all the community to have a well rounded, practical education. It was decided that as every member of the group would have some skill set (even if they weren’t aware of it yet) it would be the job of the entire community to educate the children, and that they be instructed in as many different skills as possible in a practical, ‘hands on’ manner.


We presented our plan to a panel of judges made up from our classmates, who somehow managed not to chose ours as the future ideal.

Clearly when the revolution does come we know who will be up against the wall first.

We briefly discussed which choices people had made and why within our groups. It was interesting to see what ideas some people clung to out of familiarity, even if it was apparent they weren’t really working any more, or wouldn’t work in that particular scenario. After our discussion we all split off into smaller groups for peer mentor in practice, which is an opportunity for us to ask questions from 2nd year students, and to get any help if it is needed. It is super helpful at the moment, if for no other reason than it gives me a chance to get to know some of my class mates a little better.


4 thoughts on “A brave new world…

    • Thanks very much, have always liked the term social hand grenade. It was a bit of a nickname when I was younger and it seemed appropriate all things considered. Remember, communism is NOT a dirty word!

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